head lice treatment – why lice comb is effective

head lice treatment – why lice comb is effective

Head lice infestation is a problem that is commonly found in children. Adults are rarely affected by it, but they are not safe either.

To deal with this problem, there are several solutions and one of the most famous solution is Lice Comb.

Yes, lice comb is excellent for head lice treatment.

However, it’s a long term process and requires patience and persistence.

You have to spare some time to go through the hair of your child and manually clean the head with a lice comb.

As you comb the hair with lice comb, you get to take out both lice and nits.

Be sure to keep a paper towel with you to clean the lice comb from time to time or else you will end up dropping the nits in your child’s hair again.

Using a lice comb in dry hair won’t be effective.

Lice can run quickly in dry hair, This is why wet combing is always suggested.

Use some oil, after discussing with your pharmacist, in your child’s hair first and then start combing.

Now, you know that it is capable of helping you get rid of head lice and nits.

so why ‘Lice Comb’ is effective for head lice treatment?

The reason why lice comb is effective for head lice treatment is that it is by far the safest method of removing lice and nits.

As we explained the procedure of using lice comb, did you notice the involvement of any chemicals or insecticides? No, you did not, because there isn’t any.

See, when you use the lice comb, you manually take out every louse and nit.

Whereas when you use shampoos and other products, there is no guarantee that it will work.

It might not work and it may even have a side-effect.

This is another reason why lice combs are effective, i.e. there is no side-effect.

So, let’s take a quick look at all the points that make lice combs effective:

  • They actually help you get rid of lice and nits unlike some products that don’t work
  • There are no chemicals involved and, thus, it is the safest way of removing head lice
  • There is no side-effect

So, there is not just one reason, but a whole bunch of reasons.

Speaking of the effectiveness and benefits of lice comb let me share another important thing with you.

Children and pregnant women should not use over the counter products for head lice treatment, because of side-effects. They should be treated with lice comb.

If you wanted to buy a lice comb, but wondered if it would be a good thing to buy for head lice treatment, then I say you should definitely buy one.

Lice comb is extremely effective for head lice treatment and now you know that as well.

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