head lice treatment for boys

head lice treatment for boys

“Hey boy, you know girls get head lice more than boys?

Plus, it’s easier for boys to get head lice treatment.” He said to his friend.

His friend replied, “Oh really! That’s awesome. So, I shouldn’t be worried about head lice then.”

He said, “I am not telling you this so you won’t care.

I just wanted to share these facts with you.”

Well…Whoever these boys are, their conversation is good.

It’s a fact that girls tend to attract head lice more than boys due to their long hair.

Since it’s not easy to treat long hair, it’s easier to treat boys with short hair.

  • However, prevention is better than cure.
    It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care or take preventive measures to avoid these blood sucking creatures.
    Head lice may not be a health hazard, but they bite, suck your blood and make you itch.
  • So, it’s better to avoid them in the first place.
    But if you get them, then it’s best to go for head lice treatment for boys immediately.
  • The reason why head lice treatment for boys should be done immediately is that some schools and day-care centers follow this ‘No-Nit Policy’.
    Meaning, a boy with nits (lice eggs) can’t attend school until his head is clear.
  • So, if your son or little brother has been infested, then go for head lice treatment as soon as possible, because if his school has no-nit policy too, then he won’t be able to attend school and will end up wasting several days.

Educate the Boy

The first thing that you need to do is educate the boy that combs, brushes, caps and clothing must not be shared with friends, because this is a common way of attracting head lice.

If a comb or cap has lice and if you use the comb or put on the cap then you will be infested too.

Therefore, sharing such items is not a good idea and boys should avoid it.

Now there are several head lice treatments available for boys.
They include:


There are several over the counter shampoos available that you can use for head lice treatment for boys.

However, you must be cautious and talk to your pharmacist first, because it’s not a good idea to use such products on little boys, especially under the age of 2.

Such products may cause allergic reactions so don’t buy anything without first consulting with a doctor or pharmacist.

Nit Comb or Lice Comb

Manual removal is considered to be the best head lice treatment for boys.

Wet combing is an effective way of getting rid of lice.

Plus, there is no chance of allergic reactions or side effects.

However, this procedure takes time.

Comb the hair everyday for at least 2 weeks.

Head Shaving

Boys who go to school may not be comfortable with the idea of shaving the head.

However, this is an excellent way of removing all the head lice and nits completely in one go.

Once the head is clean, tell the child to be careful and take preventive measures to avoid re-infestations.

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