head lice treatment for adults

head lice treatment for adults

Even though kids are more likely to get head lice, but adults are not safe from these blood sucking creatures either.

As a matter of fact, some of the OTC (over the counter) products like shampoos, lotions, etc. should not be used on children.

They are created mainly for head lice treatment for adults.

I have discussed with you before that kids are likely to get lice from other kids at school.

So, how do adults get head lice?

The answer is that they are likely to get lice from kids at home.

How Adults Get Infested?

If you have a child who has been infested, then the chances are that you might attract some lice too.

If a few lice fall on your pillow, then you can very well imagine what will happen next.

Yes, you will become their next host.

Another way you can get head lice are… through clothing.

Let’s say you hang your shirt or coat either at work or someplace else. Someone else’s coat is there too and it’s touching your coat or shirt.

If that coat has lice, then they will be transferred to yours.

So, after you will put on your coat or shirt, you will get infested.

Here’s What Happens After You Get Infested:

These little blood sucking creatures will bite you and drink your blood ruthlessly at least 5 times a day.

Therefore, it is crucial to go for head lice treatment for adults immediately.

Different Head Lice Treatments for Adults:

Now there are lots of head lice treatments for adults. So, you have nothing to worry about, because it doesn’t take long to kill these blood sucking creatures.

Let’s take a look at some treatments for adults:

Shampoos and Lotions:

There are a lot of shampoos and lotions available that can kill lice completely.

Some adults don’t prefer insecticides, so they look for different types of head lice treatments like home remedies and so on, because they don’t want any chemicals in their hair.

One thing to note about insecticides is that they can kill head lice, but they are not effective for nits.

So, after you use shampoo or lotion, you will have to use it again after 7 to 10 days because all the eggs will hatch in the meantime.

This will allow you to kill and the nymphs.

Why you buy any over the counter products or insecticides or even insecticide-free products, make sure that you read the directions thoroughly.

Silicone-based Products:

They are fairly new products.

They actually cover and suffocate lice.

They are used now for head lice treatment for adults.

However, ensure that you discuss with your pharmacist first because some of the products have some side effects too.

However, it doesn’t mean that everyone will get affected.

Also, after you get one, then read the directions thoroughly and follow them exactly.

Wet Combing:

Wet combing is by far the safest head lice treatment for adults. You need to wet your hair first with some oil.

Mostly people recommend olive oil.

Before you use oil in your hair, make sure you are not allergic to it. Removing lice and nits with a lice comb doesn’t have any side effects, but it’s a long process.

It gets tougher if you have long hair.

Most people use this along with some insecticides. Make sure you comb everyday for fifteen minutes to half an hour for the next two weeks.

Home Remedies:

Just as silicone-based products, home remedies are also used to suffocate head lice. Some of the most common products are:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Olive Oil
  • Vaseline and
  • Cooking Oil

Apply one of these in your hair.

Then cover your hair for at least 8 hours with a shower cap.

It will suffocate and kill these unwanted blood sucking creatures. However, you must remember that ‘natural’ doesn’t always mean ‘safe’. So, discuss with your pharmacist first.

You need to combine this head lice treatment with nit picking, because you will have to remove the nits manually.

Thus, comb your hair every other day for the next two weeks to get rid of nits.

So…There are lots of head lice treatments for adults out there.

You may choose any treatment that you feel comfortable with.

There is no need to rush, because lice are not a health hazard.

You can talk to your pharmacist first and decide which head lice treatment for adults you should go with.

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