head lice in school- how to treat lice infestation

head lice in school- how to treat lice infestation

For many years head lice in school has been a big and irritating problem.

The main problem about this infestation is that it is highly contagious and spreads in an incredible speed.

Generally these bugs spread from direct contact only and can definitely turn into a massive problem, in case if it is not properly treated.

The most effective method to prevent this problem from spreading is to avoid direct contact with someone who carries this infection, and also not even with his or her belongings such as clothes, couches, bed, combs, etc.

Head lice in school are really a big problem and it has been informed that it has spread its roots in schools all over the world.

Because of the rapid spreading of these bugs, now every student of a school needs to be examined and immediately treated for lice infestation.

There many schools that have this practice that when they learn any chances of outbreak of head lice in school they make medical checkup necessary in order to prevent the outbreak from happening.

This practice is a very efficient and best one because it helps to avoid the spread of this vile infection from the start.

When all the lice are caught before you gave a chance to them to lay eggs, then they are not a big problem and they can be eliminated using simple treatments.

Cleaning head lice from the hair of an infected person doesn’t stop the spread of these insects

so in that case you have to clean all his or her belongings because there is a high chance that some head lice may have stuck to the belongings.

wash all the clothes, bed sheets, couches and even grooming utensils in order to prevent another contagion.

Normally head lice in school spread quite rapidly than other places, when a single lice infected child comes in school.

As it is a common fact that small children tend to play with each other very closely, therefore, the lice can crawl from one child to other and this way the chain goes on and on.

Once this chain of lice contagion starts, then it doesn’t take too long to spread all over the school.

Lice which are also called Pediculus in scientific terminology, usually lives close to the scalp of human from where they suck the blood to survive and produce more lice.

This problem may cause a wide epidemic if it is left untreated.

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