does hair dye kill head lice and stop the infestation?

does hair dye kill head lice and stop the infestation?

Getting rid of lice infestation is a completely difficult task and needs lots of patience.

There are many anecdotal treatments which can be ranged using alcohol to vinegar.

Does hair dye kill head lice is a common question that can be heard from lots of parents nowadays, since this infestation usually targets hosts which are mostly children.

However, there are still no scientific proofs yet that supports that treatment.

What are these so called lice?

Basically lice are very tiny insects that target head and body hair of humans and chimpanzees.

Such parasites feed warm blood and the female insect among them lays the eggs.

These eggs, which are also known as nits, are hatched within the period of seven to eight days.

It is true that head lice are tiny, but they can be spotted quite easily because they look like brown rice grains.

Whereas, eggs look like white specks of dandruff, which is why sometimes they are hard to distinguish.

These bugs cannot fly directly from one place to another because they are wingless but they can spread very rapidly due to their exceptional speed of crawling.

Although they can be spread directly from person to person, they can also be spread from things like combs, couches, and beddings of the lice infested child.

Extreme scratching, itchy scalp and inflamed spots on head, neck or ears are some revealing signs of lice symptoms.

There are many lice treatment products such as anti lice shampoos or lice treatment kits

After massaging your hair with the treatment, one should also comb the hair with close tooth comb to remove any eggs.

It is because shampoos can no doubt kill adult lice or adolescent lice but eggs are tougher, this is the reason one must use comb.

Does hair dye kill lice?

Most people who have used hair dying treatment for stopping lice infestation have claimed varied results.

Most of them have reported that the high level of pH presence, alcohol and some severe chemicals efficiently and cheaply eradicate lice. However, a proper lice remedy should be applied before hair dyeing. Hair dye can be applied immediately one day after treatment.

It is no doubt that this treatment can kill lice on your scalp; however, removing eggs is still necessary.

Applying treatment for lice, then dyeing and then also doing another treatment for eggs may considerably damage hair.

One doing treatments for curing some disease one must also keep in mind all the advantages and disadvantages of the particular treatment.
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