How to Get Rid of Lice Nits?

One of the sure signs of a lice infestation is the presence of nits
(lice eggs) on the scalp or in the hair.
How can you tell for sure if you or your child have nits?
And how can you get rid of them if you do?
We’ll go over the answers to these common questions right here.

What are lice nits?

So what are lice nits, anyway?
Nits are another name for unhatched lice eggs.
Lice will lay their eggs close to a human’s scalp, so the nits can stay nice and warm while they incubate.
Nits actually stick to the hair shaft rather than sitting directly on the scalp, however.
Nits hatch after about a week or two of incubation.
Most frequently, nits hatch between 6-9 days after they are laid.

What do lice nits look like?

Lice nits look like tiny oval-shaped dots that may appear white, tan, or yellowish in color.
Nits that have already hatched will look like tiny clear oval-shaped dots clinging to the hair shaft.
Nits are only about the size of a knot tied in sewing thread, so they can be tricky to spot at first.
You may need to use a magnifying glass to tell for sure if what you are seeing are, in fact, lice nits.

Lice nits may easily be mistaken for dandruff at first sight.
A way to test the difference is that dandruff flakes will tall off easily if you attempt to brush or shake them away.
Nits will cling to the hair shaft.

If nits are found more than 1 centimeter (½ inch) away from the scalp, it is likely (though not a guarantee) that they are already dead.
If nits are present but it’s been over 3 weeks since you’ve spotted
(or felt) any live lice, it’s another sign that the nits are likely dead.

Does lice shampoo kill nits?

Nits can be removed by hand (using a lice comb is the most effective way to get this job done).
There are prescription lice shampoos and medications that kill nits as well as live lice, but it’s important to carefully read the label before you select one, as most OTC (over-the-counter) lice treatments only target living lice.
If you use one of these over the counter lice shampoos, you may need to do a second application| when the next batch of nits hatches.

Always carefully follow the instructions on any lice shampoo or treatment.
Using these medications improperly can be ineffective at best and downright dangerous at worst.
Be sure to consult a doctor or other health care professional if you have questions about or need help selecting the most appropriate lice treatment for yourself or your children.
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